December 22, 2009

Warning - Watching From A Distance

What's up, everybody? So today I wont be posting a Christmas album, but tomorrow I will, I promise! This, however, is a masterpiece by british (and awesome) doom metal band Warning.
What makes this so special is, in my opinion the vocals and the lyrics. They almost sound out of place at first, as if they were more fitting for a traditional heavy metal album or power metal.
The vocals are incredible, and are the driving force of the entire album.While this might sound strange for a metal album, it's true. The heavy droning, doom-guitars are merely ambience compared to the vocals. But you might still wonder what it is that makes the vocals so special and great? Well, I'll tell you: It's the raw emotion and power that makes them so wonderful.
Now this is an incredibly depressing album, which in it self is also quite unusual and unique for most traditional doom (a lot more common in funeral doom). It is truly soul crushingly emotional, in a way I've never experienced before. The combination of those heavy, droning guitars, the slow, pounding drums and those amazing, emotional vocals make this a true masterpiece of depressing, beautiful doom metal.

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