December 4, 2009

Contour - Pre-Production EP

Hello there. I don't think this EP has an actual cover, so I just went ahead and posted the band's logo instead. Okay, so 4 days ago, Douglas of Contour sent me a message asking me to post their Pre-Production EP on my blog if I liked it. And obviously I did, because here it is. So Contour is an australian screamo band and an awesome one at that. The vocals remind me a lot of Varg Vikernes' (a.k.a Burzum, you know the church-burning black metal dude from Norway who killed his friend and then went to jail for like 10 years?) high-pitched shrieks . If you've ever listened to any of his stuff - which is awesome by the way - you'll hear the similarities. Besides the vocals there seems to be a strong metal influence; heavy palm-muted riffs, crushing double bass-drums and raw, yet beautiful melodic passages reminescent of both and screamo and metal. This EP is very interesting indeed, a nice approach to the often generic-sounding (but great) screamo genre.


As for you non-emo/screamo fans who might think I've been posting a lot of this stuff recently, don't worry. I'll try to post some other kinds of music as well for a while now.

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