December 21, 2009

Ulver - Kveldssanger

Yeah, bit late with today's update I guess, almost forgot about it. But nevertheless, here it is. Kveldssanger is a neofolk album sung entirely in Norwegian by Ulver, an awesome band from Norway who have played tons of genres, including black metal and folk. The album after this one was raw, aggressive black metal, but on the one after that they started to experiment with electronic music and ambient and whatnot. They basically change musical direction with every album, so it's hard to say what genre they play.
So whatever, Kveldssanger is an incredibly awesome album of dark, melancholic neofolk with influences of traditional Norwegian folk.
The vocals as well are great, flawlessly lead vocals performed frontman Garm and really nicea capella backing vocals accompanied by beautiful acoustic guitar among a few other instruments.
I'd say this is easily one of Ulver's best albums and something any self-respectable (neo)folk fan should listen to.

By the way, since it's almost Christmas now, I'll probably post some sort of "Christmas-ey" album tomorrow or the day before Christmas.

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