December 29, 2009

Idiot Pilot - Strange We Should Meet Here

Hey there. So I've got a new album for ya, this time by a band called Idiot Pilot.
I don't really feel like typing out a long description, so I'll just write something short.
It's really hard to classify them as one genre, but I guess you could say that they are similar to The Sound Of Animals Fighting, basically really experimental rock, sort of neoproggy with a little post-hardcore here and there, and a little electronic influences.
Except that these guys are more post-hardcore and shoegaze mixed with electroclash/new rave.
This may sound like absolute shit, but it's actually very skillfully done, and has just the right amount of guitar, alternating between screaming/singing vocals and synths/electronic kick drums.
It's interesting for sure, so check it out - I, for one, really enjoyed this album.

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