December 9, 2009

Boris - Smile

Aww right. Last album for today is Boris' latest full-length (released last year). If you haven't heard of the pure awesome that is Boris yet, now is a good time to do so. Briefly, Boris is a japanese trio who play pretty much everything from stoner rock to doom metal to experimental drone. I've posted a collab album of theirs earlier (here), where they worked with drone doom gods Sunn O))).
Smile is more of a traditional (and by traditional I mean not batshit crazy) stoner/psychedelic rock album (although, the some songs are pretty droney), but every once in a while they release some heavy-as-fuck drone/doom or some experimental stuff. Either way, it seems that everything they touch turns to fucking gold. Including this and the Sunn O)) collab. This may not be their best, but it's still brilliant.
Oh, and make sure you have an extra pair of underwear ready for the solo in the end of the first song.

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