December 1, 2009

Maths/Throats - Split

Ok, so I was initially only going to post this split as a bonus in my previous post, but then I realized this split is so awesome it deserves more attention. I mean it's just incredible, probably my favorite SPLIT OF THE DECADE. It's that great. Maths have really outdone themselves here an are playing some of the most melodic and amazing riffs I have ever heard in screamo. If this was a full-length, it would literally kick the shit out of Descent. And Throats; Wow. Just wow. They're not afraid to use influences from other genres in their music. This shit is the most eclectic screamo I've ever heard. Full on assault with really hardcore screamo only to converge into some crazy, chaotic emo violence (yeah, I know it's not a real genre) in the next song and then end with a - wait for it.... - GUITAR SOLO. Yes, a guitar solo. Screamo with guitar solo's. How badass is that? Next up, some more chaotic power violence shit, which ultimately collapses into a heavy as fuck stoner metal-breakdown. The next song has the most awesome, bone crushingly heavy doom metal-breakdown. And of course the last song fuses all of these styles into one big package of awesome.

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