December 7, 2009

Aether - Artifacts

Hey there. Today I have some really awesome music for you, as always. Aether (real name is this dude who makes awesome trip-hop and this is probably his best work. There seems to be a large ambient influence as many of the songs are really calm and downtempo, like Selected Ambient Works 85-92, but with a hip-hop beat (might not be as good as Aphex Twin's masterpiece, but still). This guy is really talented and doesn't seem to get the attention he deserves, so give him a listen (also records under the moniker A.M Architect).All in all, Artifacts is a great collection of chilled-out, laid-back beats and with a distinct ambient sound, 38 minutes of pure trip-hop genius. So if you're in the mood for some really chill music that never gets boring (like some ambient), then this is your album.

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