December 28, 2009

Jesu - Silver

Hello again! I'm back after the holidays and I hope that you've had a merry Christmas.
Silver is an awesome EP by Jesu, a band that former Godflesh frontman Justin Broadrick formed after they split up.
Jesu is only one of Broadrick's many projects, but definetely one of his best. They have always played a very eclectic brand of music, being rock at the core, but experimenting with many different genres such as shoegaze, industrial, drone doom and ambient, among others. Kind of like a british Boris, I guess.
Silver, however, is a shoegaze release. And a heavy one at that. Imagine Black Sabbath meeting My Bloody Valentine, and you pretty much have the overall sound on this EP.
Broadrick does a good vocal performance, as well as playing all the other instruments except for bass and drums.
All the songs have a very nice structure, consisting of many layers of sounds with guitars high in the mix and vocals low in the mix. Like proper, traditional shoegaze should be.
But Jesu are not afraid to think outside of the box and incorporate ambient synths, industrial beats and doom riffs to make the music their very own.
A must listen for any fan of shoegaze or bands like Boris.

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