December 20, 2009

Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology

Well hello everybody! I'm back again with another awesome album. Maybe you've heard (of) them, maybe you haven't, but one thing's for sure: Cap'n Jazz was an incredibly awesome and influential band and this album is a compilation of all the songs they ever (officially, at least) recorded. Cap'n Jazz has the sound of everything that was good with the 90's emo bands and they accomplished far more in about six years than most bands do during their entire career. The opener 'Little League' is a perfect example of what good emo sounded like in the 90's.
Also, their cover of A-ha's song 'Take On Me' is fucking brilliant and way better than the original (not that the original was any good).
Even if you're an fan of emo or not, this is required listening for anyone with an interest in good music. Listen to this shit!


  1. Excelente álbum man te le agradece

  2. Sure is. Thanks...I think(?)



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