December 30, 2009

Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime

Awwright, got some really, really awesome music for you today.
Yank Crime was Drive Like Jehu's final album and their masterpiece, as well as their major-label debut (which means it shouldn't be to hard to find in a well-sorted record store near you).
It starts off violently with mind-twisting, dissonant riffs reminescent of no wave legends Sonic Youth's brilliant guitar arrangements. It's hard to constrict this band to a single genre as they draw heavily from noise rock and post-hardcore as well as achieving the technicality and complexity normally only found in math rock.
It really shows that the no wave bands and bands inspired by those no wave bands has had a great impact on Drive Like Jehu's sound. Just listening to them reminds me of the hard, driving riffs and rhythms of Shellac, the noisy aggressiveness of Big Black or the atonal and dissonant, yet somehow melodic and catchy riffs of Sonic Youth.
I can not emphasize enough how brilliant this album is. It consists entirely of wonderful, long songs filled to the brim with wonderful dissonant, driving riffs repeating alongside brilliant drumming, incredible hard and driving bass riffs as well as the "in-your-face", shouted lyrics that sound like they were ripped straight from some Fugazi song.
This is brilliant, easily one of the best albums of the 90's.

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