November 3, 2009

Ampere - All Our Tomorrows End Today

Oh hello there. Yeah, I know I haven't posted in several days but whatever, I've been busy and stuff. So yeah. But I've got some grrrrreat stuff for y'all. This right here is my favorite screamo release EVER, and probably objectively at least one of the greatest screamo releases of all time. It's everything that's awesome and amazing with screamo, and nothing of the bad. Except one thing. It's waaaaay too short, only 10 mins and 52 secs. But I guess that just means faster download and more replayability, right? Yeah. So fucking get this already. Oh, and if you still think that screamo is like "OH LOLOL GAY EMO I CUT MYSELF -.\\ xDxDxD" then please refer to this post. Enjoy!

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