November 8, 2009

The Protomen - Act II - The Father Of Death

Fuck yeeeaaah! Back with the second rock-opera about Megaman by The Protomen. You know all those great things I said about the first album? Multiply those with 2 and you've got this album. It's that good. Probably album of the year in mine, and many others opinions. As with the first album, the vocals are the best part. They are fucking epic! Just incredible. Also, you can hear that they were more influenced by video game music in this one than the first one in the instrumentation, a lot of "8-bit"-like melodies in some parts of the album. Yeah, so this is one of the best albums I've posted so far, and you'd be really stupid to not check it out, even if you may not like rock-opera's (how, exactly, one does that is beyond me). One other thing I recently noticed is how unknown they actually are. I mean, when the album got released, there seemed to be a fucking riot all over various music forums, boards and blogs, but when I checked their page, they had very few listeners (around 9000). Hopefully soon they'll get the attention they deserve.

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