November 29, 2009

TwinSisterMoon - The Hollow Mountain

Hello there. I've got a new album for you with some incredibly original (and awesome) music. I was originally planning on posting this ridiculously amazing screamo album today, but as I realized that it seems as if this blog is gradually becoming more and more emo/screamo oriented, I wanted to keep the variety with some different music. Now, I haven't listened to any of TwinSisterMoon's previous releases (I'm actually not sure if they've released anything before this either). But if this defines their overall sound, the band/artist has a promising future. Also, I don't even know if this is a band or just a single artist (there is basically infomation about TwinSisterMoon to be found, as I see it). But it is incredible. The album was released this year and is so far a strong contender for being one of my favorites this year. It's basically some sort of drony, psychedelic ambient-like french folk and it is just hauntingly beautiful. As I listened to it I was both frightened and amazed by the cover. For some reason it feels like a perfect visual representation of what the album sounds like. It's all very dreamy and the vocals are very vague. I kind drifted off in my own imagination while listening to it so much that I forgot to really listen to it and analyze the music like I usually do. But I'm pretty sure it some accordion in the background, giving it a very "french" sound, so to speak. So yeah, I really, really, really think you should listen to this album. It's very unique, beautiful and simply amazing.


On a different note, I think I might be posting the awesome screamo album I mentioned earlier on Tuesday. So check my blog in two days if you want some reeeeally awesome skramz.

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  1. ridiculously amazing screamo album please :(



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