November 14, 2009

Karen O And The Kids - Where The Wild Things Are

Yeah, I have another album for y'all. This time it's an awesome soundtrack by Karen O (and "The Kids", but it's still basically just Karen O), the vocalist from The Yeah Yeah Yeah's. The soundtrack is for the movie "Where The Wild Things Are", if you haven't figured that out already. I haven't seen it yet, but hopefully it'll be as great as the soundtrack. If you're feeling like some nice, twee indie pop than you should give this a listen, for sure. Karen O's vocal performance on the soundtrack is splendid (obviously) and this is just great stuff. If you don't believe me, then well I don't see why, because I'm not the only one going nuts for it right now. Use the power of the internet to see for yourselves! And to download this ablum right now.

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