November 17, 2009

Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains - Love Songs For The Apocalypse

What up? Y'all ready for some folk punk? You are? Good. Because this is one awesome album (no shit, right?). Also, sorry for the low resolution album cover (hope you don't mind), I'm guessing no higher resolution is available because they're hobo's. Anyway, Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains are an awesome folk punk band, in case you don't know what that is, it's basically folk guitar played rapidly and sloppy with some guy shouting/singing about all kinds of retarded shit and often use of unconventional, "instruments". You know just like punk, DIY. So this is just, like, an awesome, great album of homeless, fast folk with lyrics about masturbating, drinking whisky and sleeping in ditches. So obviously you need to hear this shit.

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