November 18, 2009

Brand New - The Holiday EP

Hey. I'm pretty tired today and I haven't really found anything "spectacular" to post so I'm just gonna post this awesome EP by Brand New (one of my favorite bands). If you haven't heard of them, they're a brilliant indie rock/post-emo band who used to play some variation indie rock/pop-punk, but they've matured now (the pop-punk was still the greatest pop-punk I've ever heard). There is in fact one demo of a pop-punk song from their first album on this EP, "Logan To Government Center". Now, in my opinion pop-punk is pretty much a horrible genre, but these guys just make it sound so good. I love that song (and the rest of the EP too). What's really cool with this EP is that the album versions of the songs are much worse than the ones on the EP (not that the album versions are bad). So, even if it might not sound very appealing, I think you should check it out anyway. Brand New seem to make anything you would normally regard as bad sound great and they are at the top of their league (I don't think they've ever produced any explicitly bad material, really).

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