October 20, 2010

When you were young you were the of King of Shadowboxin', and how you would hold this thread as I walk away.

Heya. Thinking about making something like a connected series of posts, like a theme you know?
I'm pretty sure I wanna make a list of my 20 or so favorite albums from the 90's.
But, what do you think? Some input would nice (for a change). I'm probably gonna do it either way, but if anyone for some strange reason absolutely despises all 90's music (or have better suggestion), please speak up; I might reconsider it.
Stay tuned for 90's album #25/20/15/whatever!

Props to whoever gets all three references in the post title. No cheating! (Cheating=google, wikipedia, etc.)


  1. Well, since I friggin' loved And I Watch You From Afar, any time you want to do a post of favorites I am all for it. Not that I connect with Sludge, but I'd try it.

  2. That's cool. But what do you mean with "Sludge"?

  3. King of Carrot Flowers and Undone, dunno what Shadowboxin' is though.

  4. Don't know your old school hip-hop?

    Props for the other two though, even if they were pretty easy.

  5. The Sludge genre? You got 6 albums tagged with it ...

  6. Yeah, and? I'm not sure I follow here.
    If you are implying that it would be one of my favorite genres, you would be mistaken. I like it and everything, but take folk for instance: it has 14 albums tagged with it.

  7. Just meant I have trouble appreciating Sludge, so it's hard for me to connect with the genre, but I'd try listening to the albums you rate highly, nothing else. No worries.



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