October 3, 2010

Nyseius - Militiae

Alright! First post of the fall, first post of "the comeback".
And it's a black metal album, perfect for the cold, grim winter ahead of us. Now, some of you might not like black metal. But as you probably know, I post a wide variety of music here and if this isn't your cup of tea, maybe the next one will be (or the one after that).
Enough smalltalk, let's get down to business. I very recently stumbled across this brand new album by obscure French black metal act Nyseius. I haven't listened to Peste Noire (shame on me), but I imagine they sound something like this; i.e. awesome.
Putting this record on for the first time was a pleasantly surprising experience as the production is unbelievably good for a black metal album. If you're at all interested in black metal you probably know that it's somewhat of a tradition to make it sound like the whole album was recorded with one of those karaoke mics, burned to a CD which is then scratched with rough sandpaper, ripped back to digital form, burned to a new CD and then sent to mastering.
Such is not the case here. This actually sounds good.
The instrumentation is really nice; great riffs, great drumming and great vocals. It is a short album, but that's probably because there's no filler. It sounds like they've put a lot of work into each and every song to create a hauntingly dark atmosphere with short dark ambient pieces and long black metal epics clocking in at around 8 minutes.
This is a start-to-finish blacktastic metal fest.


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