November 3, 2010

BotN #15 || Oval - 94 Diskont

Okay, so first post in my amazing "Best of the 90's"-series thingy (BotN = Best of the Nineties). It's taken a while to get going, I know; mostly because I've forgot, but frankly also because I am very lazy. As you might have noticed in the title, this is the album No. 15 out of 15 (meaning the least awesome of the 15).
Now that the boring informative stuff is out of the way, let us get to the actual music:

A groundbreaking album by a not-so-silly man with a silly name (but that's just my opinion), Markus Popp released this album with his group Oval in 1995 and in the process practically created a new sub-genre of electronic music in the process.
So called glitch music has since then grown pretty popular and terms such as IDM and glitch are thrown around whenever some dude on Warp releases a new single.
Most stuff that gets called glitch is in actuality not what I would call glitch. This, however, is undisputably delicious glitchy ambient.
The album is centered around the 24 minute masterpiece Do While, which was composed from short clips and sonic fragments from scratched and mutilated CDs, sampled and rhythmically organized into a single flowing, (surprisingly) organic and melodic drone. It's so watery and constantly mutating, hypnotizing and with subtle percussion it still manages to retain the true spirit of ambient as Eno meant it to be; background music.
Sure, the other songs are great too. But none are as mesmerizingly beautiful as Do While.
94 Diskont is one of those albums that has become so hugely influential, but was largely ignored at the time of its release, like Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music (practically single-handedly created noise music).
This might not be the best nineties album, but it sure is one of them.


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