October 20, 2010

When you were young you were the of King of Shadowboxin', and how you would hold this thread as I walk away.

Heya. Thinking about making something like a connected series of posts, like a theme you know?
I'm pretty sure I wanna make a list of my 20 or so favorite albums from the 90's.
But, what do you think? Some input would nice (for a change). I'm probably gonna do it either way, but if anyone for some strange reason absolutely despises all 90's music (or have better suggestion), please speak up; I might reconsider it.
Stay tuned for 90's album #25/20/15/whatever!

Props to whoever gets all three references in the post title. No cheating! (Cheating=google, wikipedia, etc.)

October 16, 2010

Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Burn The Earth! Leave It Behind!

Late post, but it's a post. Today I'm writing about Wingnut Dishwashers Union, the project Pat the Bunny (from Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains) started after he decided to stop being a depressed junkie.
It basically consists of him singing and playing guitar, along with his friends (I think) playing other cool intruments.
He has now entered a year long rehab program and is out due December this year. However, it is unclear if he will keep making this kind of music after he gets out.

Now, to the album. First off, it has better production (I think he actually has a little money for stuff besides drugs now). There's even electric guitar in one song, holy shit.
The material is pretty much more of the same (which is in no way bad of course) and the lyrics are similar, except without drugs and less misery.
I mean, it really sounds like an actual band most of the time, you know with drums and everything.
But I still can't decide which of his projects are better.
WDU is more folky most of the time (which I love), but it doesn't have those "anthems" that made Johnny Hobo so great. But whatever. I'll leave that decision to you.


Password: m7gPJCs

October 12, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Yeah, so, I've been pretty busy and haven't had any time to post a new album, but I'm working on it and maybe I'll try to post two albums before the end of the week, as a little bonus. So stay with me.
Just though I'd post this to make sure you don't lose faith in me.
Stay tuned!

October 3, 2010

Nyseius - Militiae

Alright! First post of the fall, first post of "the comeback".
And it's a black metal album, perfect for the cold, grim winter ahead of us. Now, some of you might not like black metal. But as you probably know, I post a wide variety of music here and if this isn't your cup of tea, maybe the next one will be (or the one after that).
Enough smalltalk, let's get down to business. I very recently stumbled across this brand new album by obscure French black metal act Nyseius. I haven't listened to Peste Noire (shame on me), but I imagine they sound something like this; i.e. awesome.
Putting this record on for the first time was a pleasantly surprising experience as the production is unbelievably good for a black metal album. If you're at all interested in black metal you probably know that it's somewhat of a tradition to make it sound like the whole album was recorded with one of those karaoke mics, burned to a CD which is then scratched with rough sandpaper, ripped back to digital form, burned to a new CD and then sent to mastering.
Such is not the case here. This actually sounds good.
The instrumentation is really nice; great riffs, great drumming and great vocals. It is a short album, but that's probably because there's no filler. It sounds like they've put a lot of work into each and every song to create a hauntingly dark atmosphere with short dark ambient pieces and long black metal epics clocking in at around 8 minutes.
This is a start-to-finish blacktastic metal fest.


Password: I6N7t7I

October 2, 2010

I'm back in the game, baby!

Hooray! The blog is back! Yes, I've decided to start posting again, as of yesterday (I hope you see this as a good thing).
In a sense, this is the beginning of a new, slightly better era of Music is ok I guess. For example: from now on all uploads will be of excellent quality - almost always in either 320 CBR or V0 VBR mp3 format. Oh, and no fucking lossy-to-lossy transcodes. This was something I could not guarantee before because I did not exactly have the most reliable source. Which I now have (obviously).
I will also begin putting passwords on all uploads, as I want the music posted here to be a privilege to the readers of this blog. However, if you feel this is too much of a hassle, please let me know and I'll stop doing it.
Other changes: numerical ratings for each album, specific email address for the blog, new fancy layout and color scheme (!), neater header, links to myspace/place to buy album in each post, and maybe some other stuff.

Stay tuned for the real post tomorrow!


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