February 1, 2010

Various Artists - Angels With Dirty Faces (Side One)

Yes, I took the picture with my cellphone

Rejoice! I have returned!
Yes, I know I said I was going to post something like four days ago, but I've been real busy and so I haven't had time to give you guys an update. But now I'm back, and this time with an unusual treat.
This album is an album I got from my uncle. It's on vinyl, and since it's pretty much impossible to find a download for it, I had to rip it myself.
Now, the sound quality of the recordings is horrible. I tried to make it better by doing a rough remaster, but it still sounds kind of shitty (if you think it sounds bad, you should hear the original).
It may be partially due to my turntable, but not that much (I don't have the best turntable in the world, but it's not THAT bad either).
Anyway, it's a really good album actually, and according to the back of the sleeve, the record label (No Future Records), it's a compilation of some old EP's and singles that they picked out and put on a single LP instead of putting out small quantities of 7-inches and stuff.
All of the songs are good old, British Oi!/punk songs with a nice, raw and lo-fi sound to them.
It's seems to be relatively obscure too, so it'll be great for boosting your punk-cred!
But seriously check it out, as it was a long and cumbersome process for me to rip these tracks (since I don't own a USB-turntable). Also it's a cool album.

I will hopefully have side two of the record up by tomorrow.

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