February 3, 2010

KuroiOto - 7 Days Of The Breaks

Ok, I'm gonna be straight with ya here. I haven't listened to this entire album. In fact, I've only listened to the first two songs. But I'm gonna go ahead and post this anyway, partially because I felt the blog needed some change from the double punk-posts, and partially because I didn't know what else to post.
However, as for the music, I've only heard the intro and the first song, "Monday".
The album is about what the dude who made this, KuroiOto, felt about each day of the week and
he expresses this musically on this album. Also, all the drum loops are supposedly sampled breaks, hence "7 days of the Breaks".
Oh, and if you haven't guessed yet, the genre here is hip-hop of the instrumental kind.
Now, you may ask yourself (you probably won't though): "Was there really nothing else to post? Why did he pick this album?". Well, I'll tell you:
It's because the moment that the alarm clock rand and the drums kicked in on "Monday", I instantly felt that KuroiOto had perfectly captured the mood, the feeling of an average monday when you're on your way to work or school, in musical form.
That's why I decided to post this, because it connected with me on a kind of semi-subconcious, emotional level without speaking any words, only through music. And that is, according to me, what music should be all about, more or less.
Of course I will listen to the entire album (hopefully soon), and I'd like to think that the rest of the songs are at least as good as "Monday".
So I really think you should listen to this, and I hope you get the same feeling from this album that I got.
Oh, and it's awesome (I hope).

You can download the album for free on his bandcamp page.

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