February 15, 2010

toe - Songs, Ideas We Forgot

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything lately, but I've been pretty busy so you'll have to excuse me.
Anyway, I've got this debut EP by a really cool japanese band named toe (no capitals) for ya today. They play a kind of really awesome instrumental math/post-rock or something.
It's pretty chilled out and laid back, feels like their just jamming at times, improvising you know?
So check 'em out, I don't really feel like writing anything more about them; my words won't do them justice. Just listen to it instead and be amazed.

I just watched a documentary about the hardcore punk scene in the early 80's today, so expect to maybe see some hardcore or something posted soon. The documentary was called "American Hardcore" by the way. It was just decent, but very interesting. Now I'm gonna go listen to Bad Brains.

Oh, and I might not post a lot this week, but I'll try and post every day next week.
Unless the blog gets shutdown by Google, that is. But I doubt that would happen.

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