January 25, 2010

Fall Of Efrafa - Inlé

Well hello everybody, I'm back once again. Today's album was recommended to me in the blog's CBox (which you can see on yout right) by a very nice person who goes by the name of "flex".
I'd heard of these guys before and I'd been meaning to check them out, but I'd never gotten around to it.
Now I wish I'd listened to them earlier, because this is one amazing album. Absolutely stunning.
Probably my favorite album of 2009, but they're not in the AOTY-list because at the time of its writing, I had not yet listened to "Inlé".
Inlé is a sludge masterpiece. I don't want to constrict it to a single genre, but overall it's sludge. It reminds me strongly of bands like Neurosis and Cult of Luna with their epic, post-rockish build-ups, soul-crushingly heavy doom riffs and agonized, screamed vocals.
This album is 80 minutes long, but it feels like it's over in no time. That's how good it is. Every song is great, beautiful and well-performed.
Fall of Efrafa broke up last year, so Inlé was their last album. But the members have moved on to other project and hopefully we'll soon hear something as grand as this.
Awesome album, download NOW.


You can find FREE and LEGAL downloads of all their albums on their website.


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  2. They didn't exactly break up, they disbanded the band after finishing their album trilogy. I'm just mentioning that because the epic backstory to their records is something everybody who listens to their music should know:

  3. Oh I see. Guess I didn't really do my homework then, haha.



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