November 17, 2010


Holy shit, I just remembered I have blog to run. Seriously. Okay, whatever.
As you may have realized, at this pace my "best of the 90s"-series thingy won't get done by 2043 or something like that (might be a slight exaggeration). So, therefore I have decided to postpone it for a while and sort of post the next album in the list every once in a while between regular posts.
I realized that making and album of the year-list for 2010 before 2011 is more important than finishing a list of albums made over a decade ago.
So I hope that you're not too disappointed or anything (highly doubt that you are, I mean it's hard to be disappointed when the standard quality of the posts are lower than the average 12-year old 4chan lurker's awful attempts at forcing his new stupid meme).
But on the lookout for more quality music, I'll try to post more when I'm not busy doing nothing. Yeah. That's all.

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