May 3, 2010

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

Yup, Ol' Flylo is back with another album. It just got released today, you can buy (you know, with money) it on here on Bleep, I'm probably gonna get the double gatefold vinyl. But let's cut straight to the chase shall we? Yeah.

This one's a bit "crazier" - I would say - than his previous works, but it still has it's trippy, laidback hip-hop moments.
It sounds very, very chaotic at times, yet you always kind of have this feeling that he knows exactly what he's doing. Some of the songs are extremely inctricate, with what sounds like a billion tiny little sounds jumping all around your ears, quick to arrive and even quicker to leave.
He's madly mixing all kinds of genres; including funk, hip-hop, psychedelia, trip-hop, IDM, and whatnot. Some songs are just smooth, chilled-out trip-hop - you know, typical Flylo - and others are either batshit crazy or wildly experimental.
What's also nice about this album is that he's collaborated with a lot of other musicians for this album, including - but not limited to: Ravi Coltrane, Laura Darlington (with whom he's collaborated with on his previous albums) and Thom Yorke, of Radiohead.

However I feel that there is no better description than the one on Bleep's page for this release:
''In his second full length release for Warp, Flying Lotus has taken his craft to bold new levels, new conceptual depths spun together for a psychedelic, genre melting trip. Bringing together collaborators such as former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Stephen "Thundercat" Bruno, Rebekah Raff, Dorian Concept, Ravi Coltrane, Laura Darlington and most strikingly , Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Cosmogramma bristles with a maximal energy, crossbreed innovation and distorted beat-bass funktions. A beautiful fever-dream of an album that variously resonates with the ghosts of Dilla, Parliament, Hendrix, Sun Ra, Love plugged into the kind of next-level bass waves that are crashing across continents right now. Destined to be lauded as a future classic...''

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