April 24, 2010

Me - Lovebox

What's up people? Been a while since I posted anything; thought it was about time. I'm gonna try to post a little more often.

This album - Lovebox, by Me (not ME literally, the artist is called Me) - I found yesterday at one of my local record store's really cheap. They have this shelf where they put out all kinds of obscure, bad-selling albums really cheap, so you pretty often actually find quite a few gems.
And so yeah, I found this, bought it, got home, ripped it, and listened to it. I do not regret buying (partly because it was incredibly cheap for an entire album, a CD by the way, but mostly because it is GOOD).
Alright, so the album cover and the song titles kinda suggest that it should be a very gloomy, depressive album. But once you get listening to it, it's actually kind of upbeat and cheerful at times. I find that the man has a pretty nice and unique voice and the instrumentation (the actual music) is really nice too; kind of indie pop/folk with subtle influences from german folk music (which is not too surprising, considering he is from Germany).

I have some more stuff that's pretty underground/obscure in store for you - It's perfect for anyone looking to boost up their indie cred and brag about it to your hipster friends.
Oh and quality-wise, it will be some pretty premium shit, since I ripped it with EAC straight from the CD to 320 kbps mp3 (I'd do it in V0, but LAME is fucking with EAC, or vice versa, I don't know).

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