May 9, 2010

The Comsat Angels - Waiting For A Miracle

Heya! Kind of a late post (well, later than usual) today.
Today's album is a little something I stumbled across at a local used record store yesterday. I'd seen the cover before and I was pretty sure that I'd heard someone say nice things about it, it was in nice condition and cheap too, so I picked it up.
I listened to it today and yes, it is good.
To be honest though; it's pretty formulaic British, new wave post-punk, but it's still damn good. These guys really know what they're doing and it's nice to listen to as they do their thing. Cheesy keyboards, clean but slightly dissonant chords, prominent bass, repetitive drums; it's all in here.
What I especially like is their smooth blend of spastic, artsy Talking Heads-like post-punk with typical British, Joy Division-esque (maybe not as moody) clean-cut post-punk.
It sounds at times very similar to The Sound, whose fantastic album Jeopardy I highly recommend you to check out if you haven't already.
So yeah, this is nothing special, but still a very good and solid post-punk, and pretty underrated too.

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