April 2, 2010

Isaac And Hilltop - Before The Flowers Bloom

What up people? Got some new musics for you.
Here's the description of today's album:

Okay, so Isaac and Hilltop is incredibly obscure indie folk band (obscure enough to impress most of your hipster friends). But the obscurity is a shame, really. These guys are SO good and they deserve more attention.
The recording is very lo-fi, so it's kind of hard to hear what they're singing, but most of the time it seems that the lyrics are great.
If you wonder what they sound like, it's kind of a cross between Bob Dylan and the Mountain Goats (but not lyrically of course, that would be insanely good beyond belief).
This little album or EP or whatever it is is truly a gem that shouldn't miss out on, so download and listen to it now. You won't regret it.

By the way, most of their music is freely available on their bandcamp page, though not this release.

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