October 22, 2009

Between The Buried And Me - The Great Misdirect

Oh yeeeah! This album right here is some fresh meat, leaked only a little over 24 hours ago. If you have not heard of BTBAM before, they are an incredibly talented and awesome progressive metal band with a style that sounds basically like a perfectly balanced mix between prog metal giants Opeth and Dream Theater, but they've personalised it and they incorporate a broad range range of musical styles on their albums, while still at the core being prog metal. And this album is no exception. I've only listened to it once yet, but I think it sounds pretty awesome. Maybe not as great as Colors, but still great. The 18 FUCKING MINUTE EPIC that is the last song is also the best song on the album in my opinion. Overall, the whole album is very eclectic and shifts back and forth between different styles and genres. It's also not really an easy listen as the songs are very long (like they should be in prog). So, basically, it's just another great album from Between The Buried And Me.

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