July 1, 2010

Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol.1

What up peeps? (This is how cool people talk, right?) It's been a laawwwng time since I posted anything worthwhile now. So here it is; on the 1st of July, a new beginning (sorta).
The blog has been on a bit of an (is it 'an' or 'a'?) hiatus for a while now, mainly because I've been really, really busy doing nothing.

Okay! So, Alva Noto is this German (or something; look it up yourselves, jeez) dude who's real name is Carsten Nicolai, which actually sounds a whole lot cooler than Alva Noto in my opinion.
I found out about him by browsing through the artists deemed similar to Pan Sonic (Fun Fact: The spectrogram in the background is from an excerpt of their song Maa, off of A. Really great album, maybe I'll post it some time).
Considering how Pan Sonic's music sounds, I expected this to be minimalistic, experimental and atonal electronic music as well, but boy was I in for a treat! Sure, Alva Noto is pretty minimalistic and experimental too, but he sure as hell doesn't make atonal music. Xerrox Vol.1 features (to my great surprise) some of the most beatifully melodic ambient I've ever heard. It kind of sounds like Oval's legendary 94 Diskont meets 90's Autechre.
Either it was Oval and Autechre who was very avant-garde, or Alva Noto's music is just heavily influenced by 90's experimental electronic music (Xerrox Vol.1 was released in 2007).
What's important though is the music, and it is a-fuckin'-mazing. If glitchy, minimalistic ambient is your thing, that is.

ATTN: I seem to have accidentally written "Xerrrox Vol.1" to the ID3 tags instead of "Xerrox Vol.1", so it's mistagged. Just noticed it yesterday, not a big deal but you may want to fix that yourselves (especially if you scrobble to

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